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Jim Van Wyck

Dear David,

Are you psychic or what?

You wrote this on December 8th,
and on Dec 9th, Google introduced
new "quality assessment rules".

Starting today, Dec 9th,
the very cost of your advertisement,
will, in part,
be based on Google's assessment
of the Quality Score of your landing page for the google ads.

Man.... you nailed it!

Here's the anouncement,


Copywriters.... ignore this at your peril!

Jim Van Wyck

David Garfinkel


Who me? Psychic?

(I knew you were going to say that.)

Copywriter, Kevin Francis


Spot on about the "big picture" trends. There's already a big shake up of traditional media going on. Down here in Australia, the print media is losing control of classified ads (traditonally where they made their money) as specialist web services grab more of the ad spend.

Had to laugh at this article in the "Financial Times" - Ad-Men Will Pay To Cover Their Rears...


The writer draws the wrong conclusion, IMHO, but another sign of what's going on.

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