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Katie Cummings

Excellent post! Once I wrote a short story and a reader didn't know what the gender of the main character was. Granted it was obvious to most discerning readers and short story writing may not be where you want to state the obvious, but it still demonstrates the main point.

I've come across several ads and wanted more information, but couldn't get it because there was nothing provided to tell me where to go. If you want people to follow you have to lead.

Thank you, David, for pointing out the obvious that's often forgotten.



What a great point David :) I reckon there's *a lot* of people falling in to trap #1 (it wouldn't be 'cool' to state the obvious)...


Hi. i just want to share with you guys that i came across this print ads blog site and i was amazed by how the ads communicate to their audience. i believe simple and direct to the point is the key to relaying the message exactly the way you wanted your audience to perceive it. just throw the obvious.

Copywriter, Kevin Francis

A simple and yet so fundamental point. Problem is, we get caught up in our own world and end up making a huge number of assumptions that the audience "knows what we mean". They don't! It has to be spelt out.

David, you once said that, painful though it may be, copywriters need to realise that the audience doesn't necessarily "like" reading our stuff and they may not read all of our "masterpieces"! It's to deal with this reality that the principles of direct response copy were developed.


1. Stick to the tried and true principles.

2. If possible, get a third party to review the ad for you.

Thanks for the post!

Kevin Francis

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