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Alan Petersen

Hi David,

Great post and thank you for posting the link to the Dlbert blog. It's been awhile since I've visited it. Thanks for the reminder that it's not just funny but provocative.

I couldn't agree with you more that the first hurdle we face is to break free of the employee mindset.

Our educational system is geared to creating employees. Although I value my college education it took me 12 years of working in Corporate America to break the employee mold so this hits close to home.



Hi David,

Thanks for the link -- had a fun read of the post at Dilbert blog.

It's really interesting why the current school system tends to train individuals to become employees... unless the teachers have some background themselves in entrepreneurship?

The tip you gave: for copywriters to think like entrepreneurs -- it's profound... thanks!



True, copywriters aren't taught to think like entrepreneurs. But what could be better still, is if copywriters thought like consumers.

David Garfinkel

Great point, MicroSourcing.

I would clarify that a good entrepreneur thinks like his or her customers. So implicit in "thinking like entrepreneur" is "thinking like a consumer."

Offshore Team

Hey that is great piece of art and makes one understand to entrepreneur's job and way how he/she thinks like a consumer or an employee...

Thanks for such post.:)

Brett Borders - Denver Copywriter

They tried to teach me to think like an employee, but I never bought it for a second. My brain just isn;t wired that way.

Michael Soininen

Great post.

Agree with Brett's comment. Since the moment I started 'working for a boss', it didn't feel right.


Jay D

I totally agree. I just left a 22 year corporate career to go full time at a company I started in 2004. It's been a real awesome experience. I do wish they taught more of the business stuff earlier on.


so nice,thank you

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