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So very true. I tell people that doing some
"introspection" with their own sites, they will find that maybe they are a bit blinded by their own marketing arrogance. Many will be blowing there horn so much that they forget that the sites out there that are really winning the race are serving the community not only with good content but also by looking good and uncluttered. Nothing worse than outdated banners and "flashyness".

Ozio Media

Another sin is having a landing page that goes nowhere. Visitors to your website need direction, they need to be told in a very nice way what to do next. Make it easy for visitors and potential customers to find the information they are looking for. For instance, click here for more information, product or customer reviews, etc.


Great post. Thank you for giving the tips. I'll be looking forward for your next post.


I love your post. I couldn't stop laughing at the examples you gave and at the same time agree with what you listed. Some of the best websites I've seen are relatively uncluttered (and so they load faster) and take the readers in because of the way they engage their audience. I'll definitely wait for your next post. :)

Online English Editing

Vey often people wanting to create a website should try to look at it from the point of an average user and think about its usability and functionality. The key here is to think about how convinient the website is for the user.

Tom A.

beautifully written

David Miller

Thanks David, I've just finished a major site cleanup as well and having a site that is in contrast to the bells and whistles and everything flashing style has been receiving some good feedback. We all take the time to write good content for our readers and then wrap rubbish around - and then wonder why nobody comments.

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