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David Garfinkel is a veteran marketer with 20-plus years experience under his belt. As Principal of David Garfinkel, LLC in San Francisco, he has helped people in over 100 industries make millions of dollars for their businesses with his copy, strategic marketing advice, and by teaching them how to write their own copy.

A popular speaker at business events, David is known by industry insiders as "The Marketer's Marketer" because leaders in the field often call on David to help them solve their most thorny problems.

David is Executive Publisher of Knowledge Exchange Press, an imprint of New York-based Morgan James Publishing.

He's author of "Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich," and co-author, with Jay Conrad Levinson, of "Guerrilla Copywriting." He is the producer of leading multimedia training products for entrepreneurs and marketing professionals, including "Breakthrough Copywriting," "Killer Copy Tactics," and "Copywriting Templates."

He has been featured in the Wall St. Journal, The New York Times News Service, USA Today, Fast Company, International Management, Sales and Marketing Management, and dozens of other newspapers and magazines around the world.

David's corporate clients include: IBM, MCI, Pacific Bell, Time Life Books, PG&E and United Air Lines.

David is former San Francisco Bureau Chief of McGraw-Hill World News. David is considered by many to be the best teacher of copywriting in the world.

Selection of Accomplishments

* One of the partners at the recent Tactic 7 Seminar in San Francisco, a $5,000-per-person three-day program which attracted entrepreneurs from around the world who wished to build or expand seven-figure businesses

* Has created several Web-based businesses from scratch, including a 1-person business for a client who made over $2.6 million with the business in two years

* Created a part-time business with a partner selling information online and through telephone coaching that grossed over $100,000 in less than a year

* Wrote a sales letter for a brick-and-mortar travel agency that generated more than $5 million in additional business per year, as recurring revenue for eight years (before the business was sold)

* Former Editor-in-Chief, "What's Working Online," $497/year subscription print newsletter

* Well known online - over 500,000 results when you type "David Garfinkel" into Google