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Daiv Russell

Just a little feedback on this whole "audio blog thing" that's apparently the wave of the future:

News became available online, and suddenly television news and radio news took a significant hit. Why?

I think the eye-motion study sums it up:
Little bits of copy, here and there, determine whether people stay or go.

People want to get information in the order THEY choose. They're tired of wading through the entire newscast and commercial onslaught to see the weather forecast.

By imposing a serial stream of data that does not readily allow for off-line enjoyment, skimming, scanning subheads, et. al., the true "value" of online media is reduced to sitting round the radio listening to a Fireside Chat. As nostalgiac as it may be, and as pleasant as it certainly IS to associate a human voice to a stream of data bytes, limiting a blog in this fashion is a detriment to the medium, in innumerable ways.

But I'll try: ;-)

1: The text can't be scanned by search engine spiders so that people looking for meaningful content will find your contribution to society at the conclusion of their arduous search for enlightenment.

2: I can't get the "meat", without basking in the banter. There are newscasts and radio shows alike touting their "just news, and no inane babbling", or "all music, and no jock" -- that sort of thing. Instead of serving the audience and giving them the option of wandering through the buffet, taking what they will; instead it's about the chef, and what HE intends for you to experience. When those don't align - hungry patrons walk.

Just my two cents. I'm sure the world will make up its own mind.

David Garfinkel

Thanks, Daiv.

I agree with you, and for that reason, I plan to continue with text posts (or "rants") in this blog, as well as in The World Copywriting Newsletter, as I have up until now.

Futher, tomorrow I have a conference call scheduled with subscriber Wendy Wallace and Internet Audio Guy Mike Stewart about Podcasting, which I fully plan to embrace, once I understand what the hell is going on with that.

It's simple for others, maybe, but not for me. The benefit to Blog visitors and subscribers is that I will be able to provide DOWNLOADABLE content, and for those who are into Podcasting -- and choose to do so -- they can have the content downloaded automatically to their computers, and then zapped into their iPods, for convenient listening at a time they choose.

But your point is well taken, and I hear -- er, read -- you. Text will not disappear, and it may be wise for me to provide a mini index or summary of Podcasts I do in the future so people will have benefit of knowing in advance whether it's something they want to devote the time to.

Thanks again for your considered comments. I really appreciate them.


Steve Gill

I was actually thinking the same thing as the first poster here - and (I think) your reply was the answer I was looking for.

...If iPods use Mp3s, that is. :)

I'd love to have all your audios available to download as MP3s, so I could burn a whack of them onto a CD and listen to them while driving in my car.

Your text summary of the broadcast is also a great idea.

Just my 2 cents and keep up the great work!


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