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Mike Sigers


Seems I'm not the only one after all...

My father was taken away by a car accident when I was 18 months old. As you could guess, I have absolutely no memory of him. His mother, my grandmother ( now since passed on, too ), who was in her 40's at the time, took me in to raise as her own. In fact, I only found out she wasn't my mother at age 6, just before she took me to school for the first time.

Yesterday, I went to get a haircut, at a new place, as we only recently moved back to Kentucky from Pensacola Beach, FL (BEFORE the hurricanes hit). The town we live in is about 50 miles from our hometowns. The barber and I exchanged names and he asked where I was from. When I told him my hometown, he asked what street, so I asked why he'd narrow it down to a street, in a town 50 miles away. He said, that's where I'm from, too ! Well, the coincidences get even better, as he had grown up 1 street away from my house and when he found out my father's name, he told me some stories about my dad giving a certain young fellow several whuppins over my dad wanting to date this fellows sister ! This incident, in particular, involved a man who is now the president of a state university ! Well, I had heard about this several times over the years and had even had similar incidents myself, with the daughter's of some of the young ladies my dad had dated. Several mother's in our small town, pop 2000, locked up their daughter's and made my coming around to play with their son's off-limits, when they found out my name, or more impotantly, who my dad was.

Hearing these old stories again, and particularly at this time of year, makes the Holiday's seem a little less glamorous. When I see my beautiful wife and 3 lovely, young daughter's, and the sparkle in their eyes, it brightens my day and makes it easier to look upward and say to the heaven's....I love you and miss you, thanks for the memories that never go away.

Thanks, David, for your story and for a place to tell mine. And say a prayer of thanks tonite for the 18 years you had to form those memories you cherish.

Jim Van Wyck

Dear David... and all....

Thank you David, for sharing this most personal of stories.

This blog on copywriting is
certainly on my list of "best finds of 2004".

To my tastes,, the best writing is often
the most personal, and most intimate.

That goes for "copy" writing as well as "writing" writing, in my opinion.

Nietzsche said it best for me...
"Of all that is written,
I love only what a person has written
with his own blood. -

Thanks again for your 2004 blog
filled with fun, information, wisdom,
many outrageously profitable ideas...
and the occasional spash of your own hot and salty blood.

Jim Van Wyck

John Gilger

From the other point of view.

Your story reminded me why I need to keep my priorities straight and not let work and other "things" steal time from my family.

My grandson's "father" walked away from him when he was 4 months old and never looked back. Since then Zach has been more of a son than a grandson. It has been a good 10 years for me.


David Garfinkel

Thanks much, Mike, Jim and John. I'm glad my post was meaningful to you.


Bennett Baker


Many thanks to you for writing and sharing some of your memories of your father, as well as some of your friends.

I have written an article titled "A Tribute To My Father" which I hope someday to get published, somehow.

My experiences are somewhat different from all you folks in that my Daddy was 72 years old when I was born in 1937, (Mother was 32).

I was 16 when Daddy died so we really never had a chance together. Your stories brought back some long lost memories and admittedly a few tears.

Thanks again,


David Garfinkel

Hey Ben,

Thanks. Wow, that is a different situation. Your Dad lived a long time, though I know the only time that counted for you was the time you were alive, as his son.

Glad my rant and the thread that followed added some meaning to your own experience.

Let me encourage you to get your article published... with the Web, if nothing else, you can put it on your own Web site, or start a new one. I have a good friend who put up a site soley dedicated to his father... and this friend, Mike, has several other Web sites for his business.


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