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Mike Sigers


My thoughts on headlines are very similar to yours...( keyed to match your post )

1) Clever speaks to everyone....a strong headline only speaks to prospects. If you go too wide, you weaken your appeal to the real prospects.

2) Boring headlines come from someone who didn't do enough research.

3) Headlines ( like copy ) must educate the reader...he doesn't know what he doesn't know, and will be glad to find it out.

4) Benefits....ahhh, the very things that Madison Avenue has forgotten about. They want to win awards and tell you you can't track ads and that advertising doesn't cost...it pays !

5) Goes along the same line as #3, if a person is a real prospect, they are passionate about what you're writing, they will want to know everything you know, so you HAVE to do the necessary homework, before writing a headline or copy. They will smell you out if you're a phony.

Mike ( with an assist from Old Aesop Glim )

David Garfinkel

Ah, Mike, you're an fan of old Printer's Ink issues! (or Vic Schwab, to be sure)

Thanks for your comments. They definitely add to the party! :)



Don't use irrelevant keywords.

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