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I've been following your work for a while, and I'm fascinated at how well you retain character without chest-pounding, self-praise and blatant arrogance.

When I tried to express the depth of commitment required to become a truly competent English-language wordsmith, it sounds too much like work! But my passion transforms the dross of keyboarding into the gold of an explanation, a persuasive blogpost or a motivating direct-response mailer.

Thanks for the excellent example for me, even if no others see your light, Sir!

David Garfinkel

Thank you, Karridine. Your comment, and comments like yours, are exactly what encourage me to keep going on.


Doctor Lenny

i am not certain that biology is set against people so much as the physics of a body at rest tends to remain at rest. nice post, david.

David Garfinkel

thanks, doctor lenny. you make a good point. but when you are in the change business, as both Carlton and I are, in our own ways, it sure appears to us civilians that it's rooted deep in the biology.

I'll go with Isaac Newton any old day of the week, though.


Linda Offenheiser


Your observations are always so "right on." I never fail to pick up an important nugget that makes me stronger and my work easier.

Linda O

April Morelock

That's exactly what I needed this week with my Grand Opening! As always, your advise is right on the money. And with everything going on for me, remembering that should help me stay in perspective...

Because by golly, I've picked myself up so many times that I'm now used to falling... it's expected... but man what if I soar?

Can't give up on that dream and all the responsibilities that come with it.

I think it's a form of insanity. And when you're standing on the brink, looking over the abyss, you have to make a decision. Do I go for it all out - and accept the obsession, responsibility, and pure faith that such a leap is going to take?

Or do I stay in my nice, safe world where I know what to expect?

I guess we have to all find dreams that drive us beyond that cliff and then just keep flapping our wings to find out if we plunge into the mucky mess below or if we fly farther than our dreams ever imagined.

Talk about biological symbolism...

April Morelock

clifton warren


I'm a little confused, your blog title is "David Garfinkel's cutting-edge copywriting tips, tricks and tested techniques to get you higher response, more sales and increased profits!"

Don't get me wrong I love your work but please stay close your knitting. Your one of the best copywriters in the business,please stick with providing leading edge techniques and strategies that will help us master the profession.

David Garfinkel

Hi Clifton,

Thanks for your well-intended advice.

As it turns out, what I wrote about has more to do with copywriting -- high response, profitability, results, profit -- than many of the literal, more obvious tips you are requesting a higher concentration of.

From the outside, what I'm saying may not make much sense. Deal with a few clients that go in an unexpected direction... a few ads or web sites that disappoint... a can't-lose strategy that loses big time... and I think you'll see what I mean.

If this doesn't make sense yet, let me suggest you get your feet wet in a few projects, especially where you have money, relationships and/or reputation on the line.

Then come back and read this again.

I predict you'll read it with new eyes.

Daniel L. Callantine


Thanks for the insightful post.

I for one realized my short comings,
I live the responsibilities of my
nightmare(JOB) and beat myself up
for not providing for my family the
way I know I can.

After reading your post I realize
that from this day forward I choose
to take on the problems of my DREAM
and not my nightmare.

As for the copywriting stand point
it is all there Disire, Greed,
Lust, and Informative.

Thanks for the great post.

Thank Your For Your Time,


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