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Hi David... and all....

OK.... I've ordered the book
on your reccomendation.

A comedy about branding?
Who could resist... not me.

Though I do suspect that
a book about the ludicrous nature
of most branding campaigns
comes from the
Department of Redundancy Departments.

PS... When I think of the
Great American Brands,
I always hark back to
Wile E. Coyote, Roadrunner,
and the powerful ACME brand.

What lad could resist the
ACME Power Jet Pack,
or ACME Ultra Explosive Bomb Kit?

Now there's a brand!

David Garfinkel

Well Jim,

If you want, you may be first (and probably only) GUEST WRITER on my blog, since I have failed in my responsibility to actually get the book and read it, and you are picking up the slack in my stead.

Guest writer, meaning, you may post your review (with my scrupulous and squinty-eyed approval) as a post, rahther than as a comment.

What say you?

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