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Jim Van Wyck


I love this ad... simply love it.

It is ....

targetted to a specific audience
generates curiosity
makes a totally UNIQUE claim
nobody will dare to copy it

I could go on and on....

And lemme ask you,
suppose you just liked sushi..
not crazy about it...
but you liked it just enough...

wouldn't you get a reservation
just to go and see...
on the mere chance
that you could watch somebody eat blowfish...

As I raved earlier...
this ad rocks!

Jim Van Wyck
.. would I have had the
guts to do this one for a client?
I'd like to think so,
but I kinda doubt it.

The gutsiest ad I ever ran
was one for one of my own

Ask me sometime,
if you like,
about the weight loss ad
that had a 280 pound
naked woman in a bath tub
as the main picture.
It was a KILLER ad.. just killer.
We got mail for years
about that ad.

Here's to gutsy ads,
and the soon to be rich
biz owners who run them!!

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