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Brian Clark

What's worse is that recipe site paying for large amounts of untargeted curiousity clicks. And yet I see that very ad all the time in gmail when clearing out the garbage. :)


Heh. I remember the first time I found those...

In the spam folder case, I don't *think* that any money is being made. You'll notice that if you keep clicking in the spam folder, all you get are spam recipes found at Recipe Source, which is the home of one of the Internet's oldest recipe collections (and ad-free, short of a little Adsense here and there).

So in this case, I concluded that they're just trying to be cute. But! Your point is well-taken. All is well and good while Google is on our side, so to speak. They have so much information on everyone and everything now, they really could do some damage. Big Brother, thy name could be Google.

David Garfinkel


You are so right. I may have overreacted! This morning it was Spam Imperial Tortillas!

I guess I was one of those semi-humorless users (remember, I did laugh, after all) who didn't quite "get it" on first glance.

Well, Elizabeth, thanks for the enlightenment!

BTW - it wasn't the money-being-made issue that was of concern to me. It was the keyword matching gone berserk, and what it could lead to. But now that I am led to believe this was a very conscious, capricious act by a puckish prankster at Google, I'm at ease on this one.


All the more reason to keep your gmail account a secret, David. Mine somehow got out, and the usual onslaught of Viagra and sex toy spam ensued. Judging from the ads in my inbox, now, you'd think I was some kind of nympho...

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