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Ronda Del Boccio

This is a great book and I'm glad I purchased it. #8 overall and #1 in business books on Amazon as I write this.

I am a business development mentor as well as an author and yes, a copywriter too, and I have learned so much about branding and creating a completely consistent message from Ben. I am so grateful that we have crossed paths.

Anyone in business - and also anyone who is an author and plans to stick around for more than one book - needs to buy this book and work with Ben.

Ronda Del Boccio
Storyate the life you dream to live - free audio and journal compl you into action.

Warren Whitlock

Great post David.

I liked the way you avoided the big SPIN going on the promo.

Fact is, the book is worth it's weight in gold without any promo.

I told my readers to buy the book.. then told them to get on the mailing list anyway.. to get marketed to by the best.

Ben's stuff can be a bit weird (ok.. a lot weird at times).. but it's well worth the effort.

Warren Whitlock
(book promoter disclosing that I'm not getting paid to say this)

Michael A. Stelzner

Hi David;

You grabbed me with the future of TV.

So where does Gates think it is going?


David Garfinkel

Hey Mike,

Good question. Click on the link and you'll see the Reuters report.

The gist of what he's saying is: The greater ability to time-shift and pinpoint select what you're watching on the computer will migrate to TV-on-Internet over the next several years.

So you can watch the State of the Union Message without all the windbag before and after, if that's your thing; you can watch the segment of The Daily Show which has your favorite guest on it without watching the rest; etc.

Convergence theory.



Couldn't agree more with you, David. The Internet marketing craze is way short-term oriented and hardly anyone, including most gurus (John Reese aside :) are thinking strategically.

Personally, I think back-ends and upselling these days is just the beginning. There's already a wave of online business purchases going on, which already starts with embodying certain strategic planning aspects. However, we're still far from the point when at least a noticeable proportion of businessmen and -women will come to realize that long-term success relies on strategic planning and execution, not just an overnight stand.

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