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Jim Van Wyck

Gung hey fat choy to all of U2.

I suspect the year of the Boar
will be a singgular year of success
for many who read this.


Norman Hallett

Know your market or you risk the Year of the Bore.

(sorry David)

Good to "see" you in the above comment, Jim. I've taken a suggestion or two from you to the bank over the last few years and I thank you!



If 40% is offer and 40% is list, and everything else is 20%(this includes the copy), why oh why isn't offer and list never talked about. Every expert wants to teach how to write copy, but that is the least important part of deal. I'm not a copy writer, and I would love to be one, but all of my research points to the 40 40 20 rule of direct marketing.

David Garfinkel

Great question, Bruce.

I think the answer is because most good copywriters include making a good offer inside their way of writing good copy... but... don't have the ability to stand back and look at themselves enough to separate out the difference between copy and offer.


I do see the difference.


Pay close attention to this blog and your email, because I'm starting a new educational series this week and class number one hits your concern in the bull's-eye.

Andrew Cavanagh

It's just plain common sense to meet your prospects where they're at.

Most good information marketing is devising a marketing message that appeals to prospect who needs an education quite different to what he thinks he needs.

Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

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