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Andrew Cavanagh

Using story telling to deliver your marketing message.

Why is it so effective?

I remember one time having dinner with an old Australian aboriginal.

He was telling us about how he got a lift with a farmer who was driving his old truck so slow eventually our aboriginal friend told him he could get out and walk faster.

This was a pretty funny story the first time.

The second time he told it in the same evening it was still fairly funny.

When he got on to the fifth time we were pretty much over it.

And I began to ask myself - "Why is he telling us this story over and over and over?"

Then I realized.

He's from an old traditional culture.

As little as 70 years ago they didn't read or write.

This is how they passed down their information - story telling.

Stories were vital to our survival as a race.

It's the way we passed down information about when to plant, where to find water, where to hunt and just about every piece of vital human knowledge.

It's no suprise telling stories should is so effective in delivering marketing messages.

Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

P.S. Check the author link below for a blog post on the secrets to story telling that multiplies your sales.


Couldn't agree more: stories are probably single most reliable medium for getting your message across to customers.

Whereas features and benefits are good punch lines, there's little sale taking place without a story in which they're woven.

Overall, thanks a lot for a hint: I'll definitely look into this book. If it delivers at least half of what it promises, it can make all the difference in my sales copies.

Michael A. Stelzner

How might this apply in a business-to-business application?

David Garfinkel

Michael, I'm a firm believer in the philosophy that says word-of-mouth advertising is more powerful than any other -- ultimately. Best-sellers and blockbuster movies are obvious examples, yet they may not seem relevant. A less obvious but more relevant example in the business-to-business realm is FedEx.

I actually believe FedEx is more reliable than other expedited delivery services, but I use it when I want to make an impression and get noticed. Reliability is a secondary reason for me.

Is this belief I have about, and impression I have of, FedEx: word-of-mouth/urban legend stuff, or "objective reality?" (whatever that really, truly is... )

Dunno. Could be both.

Here's my point, and the answer to your question: If you can get a compelling, memorable story passing the rounds in your niche that supports your business-to-business company, expect a call from Warren Buffett real soon.

Or at least a huge windfall for a long time to come!

Because once you understand the core-message concept of the Heath brothers and how to construct stories that stick, you're in a whole new league in creating compelling, business-attracting communications.

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