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What a fun article.


When I understood the power of daily habits and how they determine the course of a person's life, it totally changed my life and business. For me, to enhance my professional skills, I study my craft daily and I read good literature. Personally, I think literature written during our grand-parents' time and before is best. This enhances your ability to critically-think, and craft well-thought out content that flows. Another item I would encourage, is to always have a daily to-do list. I would even advise putting up a chalk board or some kind of board where you can write on it with a marker so you can plan out your week. Hope this helps.

David Garfinkel

Thanks, Mike. It doesn't help me much as I have done and periodically do all of the things you mention, but not on a daily basis. I have found daily habits simply don't work for me. Period. After extensive testing and experimentation. Which was the point of my post.

For others, though, the things you mention may or may not be very helpful. I appreciate your sharing them with the community.


Mike Bell


I have a bad daily habit that I'm trying to eradicate. I go to bed too late and get up too late.

I've resolved to put this right and, hopefully, become more productive.

Thanks for a great blog that's always worth reading.

Aaron Potts


I appreciate you taking the time to participate in the Simply Successful Secrets project, and I apologize for taking so long to swing by to check out your list.

I personally found it very valuable, especially what you said about the difference between your intuition and your emotional impulses. That is a critical difference that I think many people could learn from.

I'm winding up the Simply Successful Secrets project and I will be posting a master list of all of the secrets as well as a link back to the website of everyone who participated. Swing on by my blog on May 16th to check it out!

- Aaron

David Garfinkel

Thanks, Aaron. No need to apologize as I see it; I'm glad you could come by and would like to commend you personally for launching this ambitious and inventive project!

It was great fun participating. And it made me look at myself (and how I spend my time) in an exciting new way!

I'll be checking out your blog on the 16th... congrats again on a neat project!



Thanks for a great blog that's always worth reading

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I have a bad daily habit that I'm trying to eradicate. I go to bed too late and get up too late.


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