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The Story Lady


That is an excellent point. What comes to mind for me is that I have a thinking partner or two look over my copy and i look over his to make sure we don't have things like that.

One time he used the phrase, "Watch live as..." and there was nothing to "watch" because it was an audio experience. Naturally, leave it to the blind person to notice that, right?

But it brings up a good point to be mindful of your words, and to have someone else who has not been deeply embedded in writing the copy to read your copy.

Thanks for this valuable reminder.


Ugur Akinci

A great post. It really does matter how we phrase things. Even a single word makes such a difference in a header. Good catch!

Kevin Francis


This is an excellent point and sometimes overlooked. It's relevant as well to the need to make sure that subheads are correctly structured when they go over more than one line.

As soon as I looked at the headline in the post I immediately saw the word "No"!

Of course, double meanings can be intentional as I'm sure you know. The point, as you say, is to be very careful to check how the copy will read.

Thanks for another informative post!

Kevin Francis

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