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John C. A. Manley | RealityCopywrting.com

Traditional publishing sure can be a "minefield." There seems to be so little logic to how publisher market their authors.

E.g., a trade magazine I read has two-page spreads of new book releases for the niche. Just the covers, titles, authors' name and ISBNs.

What kind of promotion is that? What happened to "you can't judge a book by it's cover."

It's better promotion for the cover artists.

Sadly, image advertising even rules an market of readers.

Simon Leung

Thx for the cool recommendation, David!
Let's get together for dinner again soon :)

Neil W UK

Some fine examples of sales copywriting techniques there! ;)

My Note Taking Nerd

As a Copywriter I believe credibility and believability are vital components to being successful.

This is a very competitive market and I believe having a published book puts you above everyone who may not.

Thanks David for the suggested resource.

John Griffin Latimer

I ill phrase my opinion as so, if you desire to write a book, be talented enough to get it published. I wont even pick up a marketing book if the publisher was the so called",marketing guru," who wrote the debacle. It is plainly stated, tacky. And gives a false perception to those puting their hopes in yourself.
John Griffin Latimer
Perception Marketing Firm
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