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Jim Van Wyck

I respect Denny Hatch.

He knows a lot more than me... a lot!

But when I look at the list of 7 ways .. it kinda feels like Denny has missed something.

Has Denny seen an ad for high end fragrances lately .. or cosmetics?
Has he seen a really hot blonde draped across a sports car?

Or a Calvin Klein ad?
Or an American Apparel ad?

Or Viagra ... or Cialis?

I'm just asking because I'm working on a project that involves the promise to
"Make Your Skinny Jeans Your Everyday Jeans".

Now, I don't have Mr. Hatch's book in front of me so I can't speak to how he defines his 7 Ways.
But "make your skinny jeans your everyday jeans" doesn't seem to involve fear, greed, guilt, anger, exclusivity, salvation or flattery.

I'm sure it's a wonderful book.

But Denny, do you need somebody like me to say something as cliched as ....


'Nuff said, I guess.

David Garfinkel

Hi Jim,

The six ads you refer to are all image -- "institutional" -- ads. One of the favorite tricks of ad agencies that don't have to be accountable is to use sexual innuendo -- or downright blatant sexual appeals -- to "seduce" the client and avoid the hard, precise work of coming up with a direct-response appeal which will close a cash order on the page.

Denny knows his stuff. In fact, I would say "Make Your Skinny Jeans Your Everyday Jeans" isn't about SEX so much as FLATTERY... wouldn't you?

That would work well in a d.r. ad.

By the way, you can take a good look at the inside of the book on Amazon, and look at the table of contents on the Web site linked to in the blog post above.

That will give you a much better idea of what's in the book.


Gary McElwain


I think from your ad title or idea you could easily use
5 of the 7 ways

Fear of being overweight
Guilt for being overweight
Anger for being overweight
Exclusivity for being able to wear skinny jeans
Flattery from admires of the new look

Now I'm no copywriter but, nor have I read the book.
But from your title I picked up a few ideas.

I guess I'll have to look at the book


Marketing Copywriter Brian Birnbaum

Hey guys,

I've seen this sort of approach before and it works on an emotional level no doubt.

Though I saw them called, 'Appealing to the 7 deadly sins'.

I would recommend if you are going to leverage these emotional triggers, don't talk about it to the client! I found out the hard way that some people don't look positively upon this technique, even if they use it unconsciously in their marketing...

Take care,


David Garfinkel

Thanks, Brian.

Any remaining false modesty aside, I think it was I who introduced the idea of using the 7 deadly sins as copy drivers. I certainly know I've talked about it often and have used it myself.

What Denny has here is much more precise. One of these days I'm going to write an extended review of the book to show people why.

And Brian, your advice about not telling the client is very wise! A lot of people have a hard time accepting the gritty reality of what works -- even, what they've been doing themselves that works in their marketing!

Thanks for checking in.


Online Copywriter Tom McSherry

I sometimes wish it weren't true that negative emotions are the best way to sell something... But sadly that seems to be the case most of the time. And I can actually see how several of those emotions listed apply to the skinny jeans example - Gary summed them up pretty well.


The more you go back to the basics, the better your results. As much as many like to claim otherwise, emotions always drive the sales process...and logic kicks in to justify the purchase during the drive home. ;-)

Copywriter Johannesburg

Denny Hatch is great. Lots of interesting things to say!

Great post, thanks.

David Miller

Thanks David, I haven't come across Denny before and will go and take a much closer look now. I have aso been doing some work on the 6 Core Human needs that I learned off Tony Robbins and it adds yet another perspective on pitching the right message and having it received.

Cesar Galano

I agree with all of this emotional trigger, but to me, flattery is the most important as it works really great.

I tend to use flattery in my sales material but without being too obvious...no one wants to raise red flags, right? :)

Cesar Galano.

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