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Thanks David... very interesting.

I agree that creating trust is a
critical first step in communication, leadership,
sales, coaching etc.

I might suggest though,
that belief is a bigger step than

So, in the 3 part model we are discussing,
I suggest that it's

1. Trust
2. Confidence
3. Belief

Thanks for the thoughtful
and interesting article!

David Garfinkel

Thanks, Jim.

I wouldn't know which comes first
(or second), but I am certain
they are all important.

I appreciate your comment, Jim.


If people don't believe in you, you wont gain confidence.
usually you gain trust in your copy if your'e telling the truth in what you write, people will eventually know that you write he truth, you gain their trust.
Trust & distrust I believe depends on the honesty & sincerity of a writer.
Anyway thanks for the post


Trust is essential to all communications, but especially sales copy.

But earning it can be tough.

I think it comes down to:
-Saying things people agree with
-Providing evidence
-Writing in the vernacular.

Money Making Tips

Thanks for the idea in:

1. Trust
2. Confidence
3. Belief



Hi David, just discovered your blog. Look forward to reading more.

David Garfinkel

Hi there Belfast Copywriter,

Thanks and welcome. I'll be glad to read your comments on anything I post here!



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