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Glad I stopped by. For a copywriter, who is also working on a novel that's good stuff, stuff that you easily forget when you get caught up in the moments of drafting.

A Facebook User

"If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it."...what an epiphany. Leonard's book should be a prerequisite for anyone that communicates. Short and to the point are rules to live by unless you also want to entertain, educate or inform. Then what?

David Garfinkel

Hey Stacey,

Thanks - glad you liked it.

It's really fun to read his writing at length, too.

And if you don't want to take the time to go to the bookstore, etc., you can find large amounts of his writing freely available on google books.

David Garfinkel

Yeah, that one really jumped out at me, too.

Thanks for your comment!


I love these rules and he's such a brilliant writer.

He was a copywriter while working to establish himself in fiction - I wonder if that's why many of these rules apply so well.

David Garfinkel

Thanks, Steven. Could be.

My hunch is that all great writers have some things in common. Of course a fiction writer is focusing on very different end results than we copywriters are focusing on.

But we use the same tools and the same tracks to get there.



Still writing at 82, fantastic. Only wish John D. McDonald had lived to write more books. In my view, his crimewriting is neck-and-neck with Leonard's.




This is good advices. Unfortunately there is not always possible to follow them.

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