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linda wilson

I'm new to this whole copywriting scene, but what strikes me is that this guy is heading straight for what he's asking for - a bomb out in sales! And how sad that he doesn't realise that the vast majority of the younger generation don't actually rely on obscenities to communicate. I've worked with juveniles and offenders for nearly 30 years and have always found the best way to speak to them is on a level footing as a civilised human being, cos guess what? Most of them are!

David Garfinkel

Thanks, Linda.

Yep, people tend to look at most groups in one-dimensional terms.

Their loss!

Dan Alcorn

Is he f---ing crazy?

We are so accustomed to seeing this in 140 characters or less, he may be on to something.

"Major brands will start to take off the granny pants and create racier content that demands the attention and respect of younger audiences."

Yep, as Linda also stated, we all appreciate being addressed with respect. Does Glenn Cole really think the f-bomb content equates "respect?"

Time will tell...

David Garfinkel

Thanks, Dan.

You are a marketer I respect so much. You invented something in 1976 that is getting lots of attention today in the political primaries.

I know the kind of people personally that Glenn Cole is talking about. I've done business with them. They love to bandy about flashy vulgarity when they talk.

But when it comes to cold, hard cash, the conversation becomes a lot more conservative and courtly... almost as if from a different era.

I agree that time will tell, but I'd be willing to bet a dollar or two that Linda is 100% right.

These guys will get the props, but the more more respectful, profanity-free marketers will get the bucks.


David, thanks! I’ve subscribed to your feed, looks like some great content.



 abercrombie fitch

Realmente aprecio artículos en su sitio. Estás haciendo un buen trabajo! Muchas gracias. :)

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