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Doberman Dan

A-list copywriters are rare birds indeed.

A-list copywriters who are also excellent TEACHERS of copywriting and marketing are as rare as hen's teeth.

Both David Garfinkel and John Carlton are A-listers who are also two of the best teachers around.

You can look high and low but you'll never find better people to mastermind with.

And I put my money where my mouth is. I've hired both Garf and Carlton... and as Garf said, I'm also a former Platinum Mastermind member.

I DEFY you to join this mastermind and not get several million-dollar breakthroughs.

Doberman Dan
[email protected]


Great write up!
And it's true that mastermind groups are probably THE best way to put your business on the launch pad for explosive growth...
.... and then have it blast off.

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